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In 2018, Amanda became a children's book author with a book titled Wally and the Whatifs.  
As the title of the book indicates, Wally has a bad case of the Whatifs: What if I forget my backpack? What if I can't find a seat on the bus? What if my teacher calls on me?
At the beginning of the book, Wally is pretty debilitated by these Whatifs.
He gives the Whatifs a lot of power.
As the book continues, Wally's mom encourages him to face the Whatifs and get his power back.
We then see Wally start to do things he couldn't do before: makes anew friend, answers the teacher at school, 
Ultimately, he faces the Whatifs and they start to lose their power over Wally.


If you would like to buy a copy of this book, click on the link below!

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