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Amanda Garrigues hails from the southern college town of Gainesville, Florida.  In the music she writes and performs she pays tribute to the themes of home, family, and the human condition.  Her songs are mirrors to help listeners recognize the gold inside of them.  It took Amanda a long time to find her gold. Through the thicket of depression and the alarm of anxiety, music always led the way back home.   


From the time she was a young girl, Amanda absorbed her love of music through her father, an accomplished singer and guitarist who played campfire songs to her while she sang along. Born and raised in the Methodist church, her family attended every Sunday, where the traditional hymns of the church choir she sang in further inspired her to want to create and perform her own music.
Amanda has put out one album and two EP’s, all on her own record label, Average Sinner Records.  Amanda toured with each of these records from across the country garnering notable praise and gaining a considerable fan base.

She is currently working on a third EP.  The first song, “Gone” will be released as a single in 2023. Her truth-telling lyrics together with soulful original music makes deceptively catchy songs you’ll be thinking about later. 


Amanda’s songs are fortified, rich and wretched. They are like oxygen: essential for life. 

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